Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Idol is back baby!

So, after all the hype and wait it is finally here. As I sat there and watched the show I started to get this creeping feeling that the show was not living up to what I expected (does anything ever do). I watched and continued to see bad contestant after bad contestant and got the feeling that the show was far more interested in displaying these bad characters, Now don't get me wrong I enjoy the bad characters , but I just got the feeling while watching that they were trying to milk it a little. I mean I enjoyed the opera singing Apollo Creed and the girl who said she was the biggest fan but could not sing anything in tune, then for her to get upset when the judges proceeded to tell her this, she was surprised and upset. Following it up with "I have a degree in singing". WOW! But to me they were just not as good (what I really mean is BAD) as I was expecting. I mean this is the show that birthed William Hung.
As I sat there and started to think that this would be just a drawn out version of bad singers and wanting to see more of the good ones, they did it! They should promos for tonight. Now I am sitting here thinking, "bring on the freaks!" I mean really, did you see who they were showing was actually going to get up there and sing. Can't wait.
The real disturbing thing to me is how disillusioned these people are. I mean you would think they had loved ones who would be truthful to them and just say in love "YOU SUCK AT SINGING". But NOOOOOOO.... they walk out of the doors after rejection and ridicule and their loved ones are there with them. Patting them on the back saying "don't worry you will make it some day we know you can sing." AHHHHHH news flash they just came out of a room with a couple of people who actually know about singing (and yes this excludes Paula, who I must say looks like she got a pump hose stuck on her lips the whole time idol has been off and they took it off just before she came on TV ) and they say that they suck. At-least they showed them some love.
So what life lesson can we learn from american idol?

Who cares! It is just really entertaining to see.

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Yv said...

I don't know about you, but I think last night will live in Idol infamy.
Between Smeagol and the mom/daughter look alike team , oh let's not forget big red...

Wow, the freaks have arrived!

Poor Pussycat Dolls :)